Who are you?

We’re actually two people: Matt and Steph. Matt is a male identified transgender fella and Steph is a female identified cisgender woman.

Wait, what were those terms that you just used?

If you’re ever confused my any of out terminology, please check out the glossary in the top navigation or click here.

So, you’re gay or straight or… what?

So, one of the common reactions from people who haven’t yet understood the complexity  of gender identity and sexuality is to think that transgender people are gay or bisexual and only date people who are gay or bisexual. First, it’s important to understand that gender identity and sexuality are not the same thing. It is possible for someone to be born a with a female body but feel like a man and be sexual attracted to women. This reality could be discussed for hours and days, and there are even whole blogs devoted to hashing out these ideas, but if you would like a brief summary in a pinch, Hank Green of the VlogBrothers does a fantastic four-minute summary of how things work. If you have any  questions, please ask!

For us though, we are straight. Matt is a straight man and Steph is a straight woman. So, if you do the math: straight + straight = straight

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