We’re getting married!

We're getting married!

After 2.5 miles of hiking we laid out a blanket so that we could have lunch.

“I feel like everything I know about myself… You also know.” He said.

I smiled, and agreed.

“But… I do still have some secrets.”

“Suuure. Like what?”

“Like this…” He got up onto one knee and pulled the ring out of his pocket.

I can’t remember if I said yes and then shrieked or if I shrieked first. He slid the perfect ring onto my hand. I haven’t stopped smiling.

We enjoyed each another half hour or so, soaking up the perfect weather to match our perfect moment.

He’d told me he wanted to stop and get a drink at a pub he really likes downtown (all under the guise of his birthday…) so we stopped at Target, changed clothes (and checked for ticks…) and headed into the city.

I think I asked two or three times if I could call my mom and share the news. He smiled and said we should just take a little more time to ourselves.

At the pub, I stopped quick to go to the bathroom before we went up to find seats on the balcony. I was shocked to find that Matt had corralled our 10 favorite people for a surprise lunch.

And now we begin planning a party – to celebrate our love and the beginning of a most wonderful marriage.

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