the unexpected two week hiatus is over, spoiler: we moved in together.

Matt here…

Everything is 100% fine, no need to panic!

You’re not panicking, ARE YOU!?

A lot of things have happened in the last two weeks and they had a lot to do with being busy and stressed out and feeling like our brains were on fire.

For one, we moved in together. Hopefully we all knew that was coming, but yes, Steph and are are now (officially) cohabitating out wonderful apartment in the city proper.

It was a two week process between signing the lease last Monday and moving everything over. I only just turned in the keys to my old apartment this morning, so it really has been a two week ordeal. And it’s a breath of fresh air to finally have one home to take care of, for both of us.

Steph has also been, successfully, looking for a job. She was hired today and it looks like that situation is on the up and up.

Naturally, moving and living on 1.5 incomes is stressful. We’ve had to figure out a lot of serious shit together in the last two weeks/two months to get to where we are right now, and even then the stress is only just bearable.

We are, despite the situation, still deeply in love with each other. We woke up together this morning, checked our email and reddit accounts together, and took a shower together. We laughed and joked around and had a great morning (even if I got her up super early). It was so nice to laugh and smile after so many consecutive days of debilitating stress.

I apologize to the people that read what we have to say on here. I really didn’t mean to leave you all high and dry, but I needed the time to take care of me and Steph needed the time to take care of her.

To make up for it, there will be three posts next week and we’ll get back to some sort of normal posting schedule after that.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,


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